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Here’s why Kabogo is now the real deal for Kiambu people

Just like a groom who finally realises his mistake after walking out of a relationship, Kiambu residents are now on a wooing mission to win over their former governor, William Kabogo.

This change of heart seems to have been sparked by photos which Kabogo shared online showing him holidaying in Mombasa.

The photos, which capture Kabogo relaxing at the beach with the ocean in the background, is what gave residents of Kiambu the perfect opportunity to execute their courtship.

“Bahari imetulia, iko shuari. Kikiumana au mawimbi ikipiga Nguvu zake Yesu ndio Nanga,” Kabogo captioned the photos.


And in response, Kiambu residents came out in droves to his Facebook page to reply to the post.

Most of them lamented how much they missed Kabogo’s leadership, especially now that his successor, Governor Ferdinand Waititu, is facing corruption charges.

“You should be ready to take Kiambu gvt, Dr. Corruption and his foot soldiers have looted this country wakitafuta pesa za 2022 campaign,” wrote Carol Karendi Alhajj.

“We miss you more than SportPesa,” Anko Petmor said.


“Enjoy yourself mheshimiwa. We miss your good leadership in Kiambu especially the hospitals were in good state,” commented George Boro.

“We miss you so much mheshimiwa, come back quickly to our rescue, your house his burning while you are enjoying life,” Nyaamagwa George Vonlet wrote.

“We want u back father Ulituachia fisi wanakunywa hadi maziwa ya watoto,” said Jeff Mapesa Wamaitha.

“I told Kiambu people to vote for Kabogo and they defied. I told them, they got the best governor who deserved another term to make Kiambu great, and they defied. I wish Kabogo was my governor,” remarked Ondabu David.

Mr Kabogo was first to be elected Governor of Kiambu county in 2013 but he lost the seat to Waititu in 2017 in a hotly-contested election.