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Herman Singh: Uhuru rescued Nairobi through NMS, but it’s time is up

Safina Party gubernatorial candidate Herman Singh Grewal has lauded the efforts of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) in restoring sanity to city, but that its high time to fold the agency.

Speaking on Monday evening during the Nairobi gubernatorial debate at the Catholic University of East Africa, Mr Grewal said that NMS about as result of a non-functional governor.

“I thank President Uhuru for bringing NMS on board because Nairobi was in a state of chaos, and their success is something we can be proud of but we will transition back to the normal state of operation,” Mr Grewal said.

NMS was formed following the agreement that led to the signing of a Deed of Transfer of functions between former Governor Mike Sonko and the national government, through the Ministry of Devolution on February 25, 2020.

In March this year, the government extended the tenure of NMS, that is led by Director-General Lt-Gen Mohamed Badi, to August 24.

At the same time, Mr Grewal pledged to ensure no function of the county government is transferred to the national government, if he is elected governor.

“As a governor, I would not allow the county government to get into such a situation,” he said.

Mr Grewal, an IT expert, has also said that he will use technology to decongest traffic within the county which has been one of the biggest challenges for the county leadership.

The 25-year-old, who becomes the youngest cleared governor candidate in the country, also said the same will be applied in the housing sector as well as digitising the economy.

“We have an opportunity to use technology to even 3D print cheap housing for people living in the slums and have a payment structure on which they can pay back.”