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Hessy wa Dandora issues death warning to these four Eastlands thugs – PHOTOS

By NYABOGA KIAGE September 24th, 2018 1 min read

Nairobi based crime buster Hessy Wa Dandora has shared photos of his targets operating in Eastlands.

In a warning on Facebook post, Hessy urged the four suspected robbers to mend their ways or be killed by police. He said the suspects are armed and dangerous.

Hessy wa Dandora, beleived to a police officer, is known to give such death warnings to suspects days before they are eventually gunned down by police.

“When you are given a chance to reform do as per the instructions to avoid brushing shoulders with us,” he posted.

He said the four suspects operate in Dandora, Maili Saba, Shiranga and Saika Estates.

The gang operates under the command of a woman who is brown in complexion and tall.



Crime Stopper, another crime buster, also posted images of the four suspects on Facebook with a warning that they will soon be shot dead if they do not hand back guns in their possession.

Crime Stopper urged human rights lobby groups, vocal to the extra-judicial killing of suspected, to ask the youths to reform.

“Waambieni wabadilishe njia zao kwa sababu sisi tunawaandama (Ask them to change their ways because we are hunting for them),” he posted.

Crime Stopper, in a subsequent Facebook post, that the four suspects are already threatening anyone supporting the police with investigation.