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‘Hessy was Dandora’ makes Facebook comeback with two deaths

By Amina Wako September 7th, 2019 1 min read

Police on Friday killed two suspected criminals who allegedly murdered a Kenya Defence Forces soldier.

According to ‘Hessy was Dandora’, Nairobi’s shadowy online crime buster, the young boys robbed a mini supermarket within Umoja 3 on August 29, 2019 before proceeding to an M-Pesa shop belonging to Sergeant Reuben Kagia.

After altercation the boys allegedly shot the solider dead and left with an unknown amount of money.

Hessy announced the felling of the boys (Junior and Mwaskana) on his popular Facebook page accompanied by gory photos of bodies of the boys strewn on the ground.

He warned other members of the gang to surrender the guns to the police or face similar fate


In the post, he also shared a CCTV video allegedly from the ChockMatt Supermarket where the boys allegedly stole from shoppers at gun point.

“On 29th August, 2019 they robbed a mini supermarket (CHOCKMATT) within Umoja 3 at around 2000hrs (refer to the CCTV footage), after a few hours the same day, they went and robbed another Mpesa shop that belongs to Sergeant Reuben Kagia of Kenya Air Force and in the process, they shot and killed him in presence of his wife” posted Hessy.

In April, Hessy’s Facebook page was pulled but now the page is either up again or he managed to create a new account.

Hessy uses the page to issues death warnings to alleged criminals. He later posts pictures of their lifeless bodies and take credit for killing them.

Former police Chief Joseph Boinnet had in the past denied any association with Hessy wa Dandora.

“The person behind the Facebook accounts is not a police officer, but a civilian passionate about security matters,” said Boinnet.