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High Court orders State to restore signals for three TV stations

February 1st, 2018 1 min read

High Court Judge Chacha Mwita has directed the government and the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to restore signals for three television stations which were shutdown on Tuesday.

The court has also issued a conservatory order barring the government from interfering with all television transmission by Citizen TV, KTN and NTV.

The case will be heard on February 14.

Meanwhile, NTV’s Linus Kaikai, Larry Madowo and Ken Mijungu have moved to court seeking to bar their imminent arrest and prosecution by State.

On Wednesday evening, police officers surrounded Nation Centre, the headquarters of the Nation Media Group, as they sought to arrest the three.

NMG Editor-in-Chief Tom Mshindi termed the government’s move to shut down three private TV stations as “a sad moment for media freedom in Kenya.”

Mr Mshindi spoke alongside leaders of the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights (KNCHR), Amnesty International, the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, Article 19 and Katiba Institute.

More to follow…