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Highest paid YouTubers in Kenya

YouTube is fast becoming an ‘easy’ money-making avenue for many Kenyans, but more so for celebrities who are able to attract reliable numbers and eyeballs on the social media platform.

Being one of the popular video-content streaming platforms globally, YouTube gives content creators of all calibers a forum to showcase their talents and creativity which in turn earns them revenue.

With the goal in mind to get as many subscribers and views as possible, Kenyan content creators have taken full advantage of the platform with the mentality of making a living from simply giving their audience a show. 

In no particular order, below is a compiled list of the top 10 highest-earning Kenyan YouTubers in 2022.

Mungai Eve 

YouTuber Eve Mungai was last year under siege by netizens after claiming she earns Sh1.5 million per month from the video streaming platform.

The 22-year-old told a local publication she earns on average Sh1.5 million a month and Sh700,000 on a ‘bad’ month.

Her major income is from AdSense. The platform pays Ksh 40 to Sh100 per 1000 views. Assuming she gets 100,000 views per day and the average pay per 1000 views is Sh100, it means she makes Ksh 10,000 per day. But there are days she makes over Sh 50,000 per day especially when her videos go viral.

She currently has 628,000 YouTube subscribers.


Currently, Njugush, a comedian whose real name is  Timothy Kimani boasts 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He receives approximately Sh1 million a month from YouTube, thanks to his hilarious skits. He also earns a good amount of money from various advertisements and endorsements.


Commanding a YouTube subscriber count of over 582,000, it is no doubt the comedian-turned-politician makes millions from his channel.

Jalang’o once revealed that he made Sh1.8 million on his YouTube channel and 3 million on his Instagram.

“YouTube sent us the first cheque in three months of shillings 1.8 million made from ad revenue on YouTube”, Jalang’o said during an interview with YouTuber Tonnie Murithi.

In another revelation, the comedian disclosed he makes approximately Sh4 million on YouTube.

Sauti Sol 

Having garnered over 962,000 subscribers, Sauti Sol rakes in good money from their YouTube channel. Being one of the most celebrated music groups in Kenya, their YouTube channel is one of the highest-earning channels with a myriad of video uploads. Sauti Sol earns over Sh4.5 million per month from their channel which mainly focuses on their music. 

Crazy Kennar 

Crazy Kennar is one of the young fast rising Kenyan comedians who has stamped his name in the content-creating scene.

His YouTube channel, which currently commands over 541,000 subscribers is a source of unending fun and laughter. 

Crazy Kennar’s YouTube earnings range between Sh600,000 to Sh.1.5 million a month. The projected income varies greatly depending on the number of watch hours and deals signed for a particular month.

Henry Desagu

Desagu’s revenues have been consistent growth since he joined the platform back in August 2016. 

Desagu makes most of his profits from YouTube, and his endorsement deals which he has said are inspiring as they show that his hard work is paying off. His payments per month range from about Ksh 500,000.

He currently has 662,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Diana Bahati 

The soon-to-be mother of three is no doubt one of the highest-paid YouTubers in Kenya with a current subscriber count of 779,000. Her YouTube channel generates between Sh400,000 to Sh1 million per month.

Otile Brown 

Otile Brown became the first Kenyan artiste to garner 1 million subscribers on YouTube, which was a milestone that saw the artiste grow in net worth. The average YouTuber with 1 million subscribers typically makes roughly Sh6 million a month. He currently commands a subscriber count of 1.23M.


Bahati became the second Kenyan artiste to acquire over 1 million YouTube subscribers. His YouTube channel currently has 1.06M subscribers and is said to take home about Sh500,000.

The WaJesus Family 

This young Kenyan couple has a beautiful story behind their journey. They were brought together by love and chose to pursue the future together with so much faith. WaJesus family is a significant influence on the community as they teach young couples and people in relationships that love can survive anything, just have faith. With so much inspiration, they have managed to amass a total of 562K subscribers, earning them about Sh200,000 every month.

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