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Hii ni Nairobi! Andrew Kibe ‘scammed’ Sh40,000 by fake mobile money agent

By Freya Wanjiku January 29th, 2023 2 min read

Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe has shared how he was reportedly scammed Sh40,000 by a person who introduced himself as a Safaricom customer care agent.

Kibe explained the incident on his socials and claimed his ‘expose’ has lifted the lid on millions of shillings lost by Kenyans to similar scams.

“My Safaricom line has been giving me issues so suddenly it stops working though it has been working for the last 10 years,” he explained.

“I called my buddy at Safaricom and he told me to message them on Twitter or Facebook.”

Kibe says he tweeted, messaged and tagged the telecommunications firm on their social media account.

“They replied and asked me to inbox my number and details for further action,” he explains.

After doing so, Kibe says he was called almost immediately by someone posing as a Safaricom Customer Care agent.

“I’m like these guys are so efficient.”

He explains the agent started by apologized to him for the mishap and that reinforced his ego.

“This guy said sorry like 100 times,” he shares adding; “This guy has the lingo.”

Kibe then admits he followed through with what the ‘agent’ was telling him to do without second guessing.

“I tell the guy, lemme request my friend to load airtime for my phone then you can take me through the process. I will call you back in two minutes,” he tells the agent.

Having had his phone recharged, the ‘agent’ called back within two minutes and says that he will be resetting Kibe’s line.

“So who bought you the credit?” he asks. “You cannot see it on your side?” Kibe shoots back and then gave out his friend’s number.

Kibe now says that he started sensing something was off and spoke Sheng to the ‘agent.’ “This guy spoke back in good Swahili and I have heard that call before,” he says adding that the ‘agent’ noticed that he had noted.

“I inquired why he was talking so low,” he explains saying that conman antennas are so high that they capture everything.

“The guy hung up immediately and I called my friend but since he is conversant with Nairobi, he was not conned.”

Adding, “I was just paid Sh40,000 from a deal and lost all that. I have really felt it.”

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