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The HIV puzzle that couldn’t save Ruth Kamande from deathrow

Ruth Kamande’s defense that she stabbed Farid Mohammed 20 times to stop him from infecting her with HIV could not save her from the gallows.

Ms Kamande had claimed that that in September 2015 she and Farid had fought over his HIV status and that he had deliberately tried to infect.

The deceased, Ms Kamande claimed, also threatened to kill her if she revealed his condition to anyone.

“Mohammed told me he would rather kill me and himself than have his status exposed,” Kamande spoke of her deceased lover.

“I stabbed him severally with a kitchen knife, which fell on my chest from his hands after I overpowered him, after putting my two thumbs in his eyes to save my life.”

The fight was sparked after she discovered a card for HIV treatment bearing his name hidden under a mattress.

“Your honour it pained me to know that the person whom I loved and trusted so much was to ruin my life by infecting me with HIV and Aids,” added Kamande

Judge Lessit however rejected the account and termed Kamande as a ‘controlling and manipulative lady’ who acted out of jealousy and disappointment.

The investigating authorities also suggested Kamande had inflicted wounds on herself so as to try and cover up for her crime.