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Hoax or PR? Sonko’s crackdown on City Hall ‘ghost workers’

Just two days after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko cracked down on late comers at City Hall, he has now started biometric registration.

Sonko launched the start of the exercise on Wednesday, stating how it would help him nab ghost workers and those not performing.

The governor said Nairobians deserved better services, adding that biometric registration will ensure every worker gives maximum output.

“Tunataka kujua wale wafanyi kazi bandia ni nani, na tutakapowajua lazima tuwachukulie hatua,” he said.


All employees will be required to register in the new system after which their daily work shall be tracked on the same system.

Nairobians were however concerned with the procurement of the system questioning if the governor’s Monday morning crackdown was done to curtain raise this launch.

“Was it on the way coming? On Monday you did a physical inspection after which you requested for it and today you are commissioning the kit,” Princess Reginah B. Mbinya commented.


“Yesterday kumbe you were making fun of us while you knew the plan to install the system was ready?” Mwandango Alfred wrote.

“Imetengenezwa lini and as at on Monday there wasn’t! You ordered for it after your physical inspection. 24 hours later the kit Is here with cards!!! Funny,” Princess Reginah B. Mbinya questioned.

“Mike SONKO conducted office to office inspection yesterday, today he is launching Biometric. Only fools don’t read the PR in this, when was the Procurement done? Overnight? Is it emergency procurement? Hogwash!” Korir Isaac said.