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Hollywood, motherhood… TikToker Maina Mal’s 10-year goals

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, one of Kenya’s popular TikTok content creators, Wangari Maina- widely known as Maina Mal, 23- revealed what she planned for her life in the next 10 years.

The hilarious comedienne, who boasts 269k followers and 9.2 million likes, said that she was hoping to conquer the world in the next ten years.

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Tiktoker Maina Mal. PHOTO| COURTESY

In response to being asked where she saw herself in 10 years, she said, “Of course, a mother. I want to be a loving wife and a loving mother to someone.

I don’t have forever. I won’t stay young forever. Of course, not ten years from now but somewhere in the future. I want a family.

That’s the thing. I also see myself- from my mouth to God’s ears- I want to be in Hollywood. I want to be a great actress, I want to win the Oscars, I want to go out there and bless people with these goddesses.”

Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, is considered the central hub of the United States of America’s entertainment industry- film or music production.

Several Fortune 500 movie studios are situated in this State. Hollywood also boasts of the wealth of hundreds of world-renowned film actors and musicians, ranking it as one of the most expensive States to live in America.

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Here, superstars live and play with money on levels only matched in places like Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Nairobi News reported that Maina Mal has been content-creating for social media for the past three years.

Tiktoker Maina Mal. PHOTO| COURTESY

She is renowned on TikTok for her hilarious takes on various societal conversations, including Raila Odinga temporarily calling off maandamanos (demonstrations), teachers on their way to deal with their students amid the ongoing trend of secondary school alumni blasting their former teachers on TikTok for allegedly being liars and abusers, the suspicious Thika Road murders of people being thrown off high rise balconies and many other occurrences.

The 23-year-old is set to graduate soon from the Technical University of Kenya with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Chemistry, and despite taking on a technical course, she was of the opinion that content creation, influencing, and marketing products was what she enjoys at the moment because it gives her the freedom a 9-5 job will not.

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