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Holy Dave attacks gospel artistes

November 15th, 2013 1 min read

Holy Dave was recently in an interview with ‘the Base’ and boy did he have a lot to say about his fellow gospel singers.

He condemned most artistes in the gospel industry for being selfish in helping upcoming artistes make it in the industry.

He added that most established gospel singers seek collabos with fellow established singers, something he says is not right.

“I know how it is not easy to make it in an industry that has become so over populated. There is need for people who are up there to throw you a rope. But this is not happening. No matter how much they do not want to help them, they will make it somehow,” he said.

However when he was asked if we will get an album from him any time soon, get this, he said that Kenya is not an album industry but better suited for single hits ….. I mean seriously!

We have artistes like Jua Cali who has three albums and Wendy Kimani who recently launched hers which is doing very well.

So please Holy Dave pull up your socks.