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Homa Bay ‘prophet’ seeks to deliver ‘message of God’ to Ruto

A clergy from Homa Bay says he wants to meet President William Ruto to discuss what he claims is a vision from God on how to run the country.

Mr Joseph Chenge of Jerusalem Mowar in Lambwe in Mbita told Nairobi News he has had three visions from God.

All the visions were directed to the Head of State.

The clergy who is a founder member of the church says he should meet the President within 21 days from May 13, 2023.

He said the meeting should be private and will entail discussions on issues affecting the country and how they can be addressed.

He says he hesitated to act on his visions when he had the first one.

But when he had the third prophesy, he decided to act by seeking help to meet the Head of State.

“God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit as I am a prophet. I was afraid but God came to me three times with the same message when I decided to act,” Prophet Chenge said.

In his vision, he claimed to have seen President Ruto praying to God to answer three issues affecting the country.

He said one of the issues has come to pass and the other two will be answered in six months.

“The President will be a witness to God answering his prayers,” Mr Chenge said.

In his vision, the cleric added that the President should carry on with prayers because he is facing wars from different sides.

“The tribulations that the President faces touches on him and First Lady Rachel Ruto. Our meeting will help him win the challenges,” he said.

His vision was also directed to other religious leaders across the county who he accused of being tied up in politics which makes them unable to solve challenges affecting the country.

“Religious leaders should desist from political preoccupation. Political involvement deters them from shining different forms of evil,” the clergy said.

He added that taking political sides does the nation more harm than good.

“Some are taking sides politically. They will lose their voice in the nation,” Mr Chenge said.

President Ruto, who was sworn into office on September 2022, has conceeded to facing a number of challenges including taming the balloning debt and addressing the high cost of living.

He has also had to deal with a scenario where religious leaders are suspected to have convinced more than 160 people of their congregants to starve to death as an act of faith.

President Ruto has also had to deal with demonstrations led by opposition that put pressure on him to lower the cost of living. He has also attracted criticism for the Finance Bill which has mainly increased taxes on various aspects that could heavily impact on Kenyans who are already struggling to make ends meet.