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Homa Bay students attack headteacher over sugarless porridge

Education officials in Homa Bay are investigating the circumstances that led to an incident where a secondary school principal was attacked by his students after he was accused of giving learners porridge without sugar.

The incident left the God Bura Mixed Secondary School Principal Mr Collins Omondi with injuries on his body after students attacked him for allegedly mismanaging the learning institution.

In a police report filed by the school administration, the principal is said to have been in his house when a group of students knocked on the door.

The learners included those in Form Four and others in lower classes who were at home.

All of them are said to have teamed up to execute their plan.

The students are said to have instructed Mr Omondi to accompany them to the local police station.

But when the teacher resisted, they began beating him up.

Witnesses said he was overwhelmed.

He was eventually taken to the station before police rescued him from the angry students.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Mr Samson Kinne said the matter is being handled by the Ministry of Education.

“Some parents also stepped in to help him when he was being attacked by students,” he said.

It is reported that Mr Omondi was accused of poor leadership.

Besides failing to provide students with porridge that has sugar, he is also accused of other issues that some students claimed do not make them prosper.

Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association Chairman in Suba Mr Paul Mbara condemned the attack.

He said the teacher sustained injuries on his chest.

Mr Omondi was first rushed to Magunga Level Four Hospital for medical examination before he was referred to another facility for an X-Ray to determine the extent of the injuries.

“Attacking teachers is not a solution to problems faced by schools. There should be alternative dispute resolution mechanisms,” Mr Mbara said.

He expressed concern that the issue may escalate into other problems that may lead to a dismal performance by students.

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