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Hope for Big Kev after long battle with brain tumor

After several surgeries to remove a brain tumor and suffering multiple seizures, event organizer and entrepreneur Kevin Ombajo, commonly known as Big Kev, is on the path to full recovery.

In a Facebook post, Big Kev, who was diagnosed with the brain tumor in 2010, narrated his journey and battle with an ailment that almost incapacitated him.

He also recounted how he first learnt about the brain tumor.

“I was rushed to hospital unconscious. When I woke up we agreed to do tests and scans that revealed a 5cm tumor in my brain right side. We also decided to have it surgically removed immediately to prevent further attacks. I then became familiar with a process known as physiotherapy and an even more painful drawn out process called occupational therapy,” he wrote.

According to Big Kev, during the occupational therapy he underwent stretches and the therapists taught him how to do the simplest things like holding a key to a door.


“I have repeated this process every year since then. Sometimes twice. Apart from the pain in the process, seizures have some common characteristics. They are unpredictable, scary and demand one end result. Total submission,” he wrote.

Big Kev first went under the knife in 2010, to remove the tumor but in 2011, after a series of headaches and migraines, it was discovered that the tumor had reappeared.

But following further scans, there is now hope for Big Kev, who is already looking forward to returning to what he loves doing best, entertainment.

“My last scans show that we are finally on the way to clarity. I have tried many things but clarity only came when I went back and submitted to the source. Regardless of anything else,” he said in his post.

“Take home that God healed me for His glory See y’all back on stage and at the Gospel Extravaganza towards the end of the year… God still has a lot of work for me to do. so I shall not die but live to proclaim His Goodness. I pray that my story will be an encouragement to someone who needs it. Count it all joy even when things don’t always go your way. The darkest hour is just before dawn.”