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Hopekid: Me? A swindler? When I was broke, nobody cared

For some time now, gospel singer Hopekid has had to live with claims that he’s an online scammer and that this is how he’s able to live a flashy lifestyle despite a lack of paid shows and concerts.

The claims surfaced online and spread like wildfire. But Hopekid, who is no stranger to scandal, has denied the latest claims of being an online fraudster.

The singer, who bought himself a brand new Mercedes Benz last year, insists he has worked hard for his money.

“When I was struggling and my life was going downhill nobody was asking questions now God is blessing me, things seem to be working for me and all of a sudden people are questioning”.

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Hopekid maintains that he makes his money from music as well as the clean businesses he is involved in and if he is scamming people then why haven’t people come out as his victims.

Hopekid has also refuted claims that he has fallen out with his long time friend and fellow gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat.

There has been a narrative that the two are not as close as they used to be since the sex scandal in which they were accused of having a threesome with a young Nakuru woman and infecting her with an STI.

“We are still good friends, he is my brother for life. DK and I go back a long way since our high school days. We have spent our lives together, I mean we even used to steal each other’s girlfriends, so if it’s a matter of falling out, it should have happened a long time ago,” affirms Hopekid.

Hopekid claims that whenever there is a story about DK or him, one of the other has to be dragged into the conversation to give it weight, due to the fact that their working relationship has lasted for over 20 years now.

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