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Horror as man is boiled to death at processing plant

A family in Nakuru is mourning their son who boiled to death when a colleague opened a hot water inlet pipe as he was inside a boiler cleaning.

Enok Bii had been instructed to clean one of the milk boilers at work when tragedy struck.

The diploma graduate in electrical engineering was working at the Samia Agricultural and Livestock Limited’s blending department

He was referred to Nakuru War Memorial Hospital where he died two days later.

“He came with 87 per cent burns,” the hospital’s Patricia Musale said.

According to his father John Rono, it is unclear who ordered for the opening of the hot water inlet.

“Kampuni ilituambia huyo kijana tulituma asafishe tank ya maziwa na mwingine akaenda akaoperate akafungua maji so hatujui kwa nini hakuuliza kama ametoka,” Enok’s father told KTN News.

The family was contacted by Mr Bii’s colleagues who informed them about the incident. They are seeking compensation for their son’s death.

“Imekuwa shida sana, tumebaki tukiwa tunateseka, sisi bado ni wadogo na sasa mtoto nitafanyia nini,” the widow Faith Bii said.

“We will make sure that the matter will go to court and ensure that the family is compensated by the company,” Winnie Lang’at, the family lawyer said.