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Horror as three-year-old boy’s eyes are gouged out by unknown assailants

A three-year-old boy in Ikuruma village, in Marani, Kisii County has been admitted in hospital after his eyes were gouged out by unknown people.

The child’s family is now crying for justice following the bizarre incident that has left many in shock as the boy is now likely to remain blind for the rest of his life.

According to the child’s grandmother, the incident happened on Thursday evening when the boy went to fetch her water from a nearby spring.

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He was in the company of other children but it is said that he threw his jerrycan into a nearby thicket and started running away.

When the other children got home with their jerrycans full of water, they told the granny on what had happened. The granny then went looking for the child at the spring but he was nowhere to be seen.

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Her search for the boy was hampered when it started raining heavily as darkness set in. Not even the joint efforts of family members and neighbours bore fruit. It was only on Friday morning when the child was found by his elder brother lying in a maize plantation near their home.

The brother had gone to cut grass for their livestock when he stumbled on his sibling and then raised an alarm.

On close observation it was established that child’s eyes had been gouged out. He was rushed him to hospital where he is currently admitted.

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