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Horror! Mannerless nanny barges in on her employer’s intimate moment

In a shocking incident that has sparked debate on social media, a Kenyan woman has shared her distressing experience of her nanny barging in on her bedroom unannounced, catching her and her husband in an intimate moment.

In a tweet, the woman shared her embarrassment, recounting how her house manager entered her bedroom without knocking.

“Yaani some of these Nannies don’t think at all. How do you get to my bedroom without knocking, only to find me and my husband in bed? I am 45 years old, and I am so shocked,” she tweeted.

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“Asking her she said she didn’t know baba alikuwa like this is so daft tf! Hata mimi kwani ndio anafaa kuingia bila kubisha smh me nimeshangaa I thought this was common sense,” the woman ranted.

Her tweet resonated with many online users. One tweep suggested that the house manager should be immediately fired for her invasive and disrespectful actions.

The incident has ignited a larger conversation on social media about the importance of boundaries and respect within the employer-employee relationship.

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While the specific details surrounding the incident are still emerging, the incident serves as a reminder of the need for mutual respect and professionalism within the household setting.

It is crucial for employers and domestic staff to establish and maintain boundaries to ensure a harmonious and respectful living environment.

Have you heard a weird experience with a house manager?

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