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Hospital blamed for yet another baby’s loss of limb to vaccination jab – VIDEO

A hospital in Kiambu County is yet again on the spotlight following the amputation of another baby’s limp after developing post vaccination complications.

Kennedy Mumo and his wife Damaris have narrated to NTV how their child’s leg started swelling after receiving the routine BCG vaccination jab at the Kihara Sub County Hospital in Kikuyu.

The doctors told them that there was nothing else they could do to save their son’s right leg, the only solution being to cut it off.


“Walimdunga sindano za mapaja na wakamuweka kwa oxygen wakasema ako na shida ya kupumuwa, ni kama ako na pneumonia. Kwa hiyo harakati ya kupima, hatujuwi nini ilifanyika but tuliambiwa sindano iligusa mfupa na ika affect mfupa ya mguu yake mmoja,” Mr Mumo said.

This incident comes days after another family also came forward after their two-month old baby lost his limbs after a botched BCG vaccination.


Baby Austin Njoroge was born perfectly healthy at the same hospital in February this year. However, he now has to cope with life without his left arm and right leg.

He developed complications after getting the same vaccination.

The two families have reported their cases to the Karuri police station in Kiambu and want the hospital to take responsibility for the botched vaccines.