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Hospital management in a spot after woman dies during CS

The management of Longisa County Referral hospital in Bomet County is in a spot over the death of a woman three days after undergoing a surgical operation during delivery.

Bomet Senator Christopher Langat has demanded an explanation on the circumstances under which Ms Florence Tompos who delivered through caesarean section, was released, re-admitted, referred and transferred to a private referral hospital where she died while undergoing treatment.

Ms Tompos, 38, was admitted at the hospital on Monday last week where she delivered her second born. The child is well and under the care of relatives.

Dr Langat said the matter should be investigated to establish whether or not it was a case of negligence in part of the medics who treated and discharged her at the government hospital, before her condition worsened leading to re-admission.

“How did the hospital release a mother who had delivered through caesarean before she could fully recover? There are many questions the hospital management must answer in relation to the case,” said Dr Langat.


The hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr Isaac Birech, however, sought to clear the hospital of any wrong doing in regards to handling of the patient.

“She had anemia in pregnancy and later underwent delivery through caesarean section due to fetal distress. She delivered a female infant who scored well. After the operation, she was transfused two units of whole blood and did well,” stated a report prepared by Dr Birech.

Dr Birech stated in the report dated Tuesday, June 4, 2019 that on the third day of admission, the patient was discharged and given drugs including antibiotics.

However, two days after discharge, she was re-admitted, on Saturday June, 1, 2019, at the facility as she had developed complications while recovering at home.

“She was re-admitted through casualty with respiratory issues, difficulty in breathing, chest pains, and epigastric pains,” stated Dr Birech in a brief prepared for the County Executive in charge of Medical Services and Public Health Dr Joseph Sitonik.


Dr Birech added that she was subjected to an evaluation for possible pneumonia.

“Empiric treatment with blood thinner, antibiotics, and oxygen were instituted. Laboratory investigations showed elevated white count and anemia. She was transfused one (blood) unit,” stated the report.

It further noted that the patient’s respiratory distress worsened and she was referred for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Tenwek hospital, a few kilometres away, where she succumbed.

“A comprehensive morbidity/ mortality audit has been done by the relevant hospital committee and the full report will be forwarded to your office in due course,” concludes Dr Birech in the report.

On his part, Dr Sitonik said the preliminary report had indicated that the operation was successful and there was no case of negligence among the doctors both during and post-surgery.

“It is very unfortunate that she died, but a postmortem report will reveal the actual cause of death. It is a requirement when such an incident occurs that a comprehensive report is authored and forwarded to the Kenya Medical Dentist and Practitioners Board (KMPD), which will be done,” said Dr Sitonik in an interview.