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Hot city pastor Lucy Natasha flaunts her new car – PHOTOS

June 25th, 2018 1 min read

City pastor Reverend Lucy Natasha has yet again rattled the online community after showing off her latest fuel guzzler.

The Reverend, who has in the past made headlines for her hot looks, shared pictures of herself with the black Toyota Fortuner that has an average price tag of Sh3.5 million..

The pictures were captioned with a message urging faithfuls to pray unceasingly for their miracle and breakthroughs.


“You are about to encounter series of breakthroughs. I prophesy your Story will change in Jesus name. I prophesy this is your weekend of miracles and breakthroughs in Jesus name. Looking forward to seeing you in our Miracle Monday Service!”


In a different post she added: “It’s been a wonderful Sunday! The Lord shall answer you speedily concerning those issues you’ve being praying about. No more delay in Jesus’ name!

“Let’s meet tomorrow for Miracle Monday Service from 5.30pm. Invite a friend!”

Netizens expressed mixed reactions, with some expressing disapproval on the pastor for flaunting the car while others supported her.

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