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Hot city preacher Natasha wants to get married

By THOMAS MATIKO November 9th, 2018 1 min read

City preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha of the Prophetic Latter Glory Ministry International, famous on social media for her hot looks and flamboyant lifestyle, wants to get married.

Natasha has confessed she is struggling with loneliness because she is yet to meet Mr Right.

She is however optimistic that the Lord will deliver to her the right man come next year.

“I’m waiting for God to show me the right man. In fact 2019 keki tunayo. I’ll continue serving God and humanity and waiting for the right time because He is the one who determines,” Natasha said in a recent interview.

Natasha also defended her prosperity-centred by explaining that “the blessing of God makes riches, it does not bring sorrow, that’s why I don’t preach about poverty.”

Natasha also denied claims that her Ministry is being funded by controversial Malawian self-proclaimed prophet Sheperd Bushiri, a wealthy man with a big appetite for showing off his riches.

The gorgeous preacher termed Bushiri, who at one time claimed to cure HIV/Aids as well as make blind to see, as an anointed man of God but with no links to her ministry.