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Monster house help busted assaulting toddler – VIDEOS

A Nairobi mum has shocked the interwebs with video footage of her nanny assaulting her one-year-old child.

The mother, Millicent Njeru, shared videos of the nanny pinching, slapping and kicking the toddler during a feeding session in the family living room on Monday and Tuesday.

The mother’s videos were shared in closed groups among them Kilimani Mums and Buyer Beware where users bayed for the monster nanny’s blood.

Millicent wrote on Kilimani Mums, “This is what my baby has been undergoing through (sic). The footages are for yesterday and Monday. Update **I saw these footages yesterday and called Police. Her case will be mentioned tomorrow at Makadara law courts.”

The users commented how the mother should have just ruthlessly dealt with the nanny stating that police and court would not protect other mothers.

One mother commented, “Some of these people we employ as dms are so bitter especially these mature women… I had one who started talking back at me and wanted to fight when I try to guide her on how to do stuff around the house since she was new… Only to realize the name she gave me was different from what is on her ID even the face… trust me nilikanyagisha nje… But this one deserves jail.”

Another added, ‘Wuuuiii am shocked, wherever this bitch of a woman came from may she rot in hell… before aende polisi ningemrarua vita ashangae.”

Another wrote, “Basically that’s how most mboches treat our kids when left with them, they are bitter you leave looking all nice but leave them to do all house chores and a stubborn baby/ babies. Then in the evening they shower the kids and feed them and pamper them to fix the whole day’s torture. Some will even introduce your kids to sexual tendancies and watch pornographic material n the kids presence, some will breastfeed our kids, right under your nose. But because she is ‘super nice with kids’ and ‘good at chores’ (based on your assumption and face value of what u see) that blinds you. You keep her for years she does more harm than good.”

Yet another user wrote: “I always feel that parents should mention that the house is bugged to prevent house helps from mistreating these angels. Please post her photo up-close so that she may not end up in another house. I pray she serves many years in jail so that others can learn.”