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House help from hell slits baby’s forehead in attack, sprinkles salt on it – PHOTOS

A couple in Thika is seeking justice after a house help hit their baby with a glass plate that slit his forehead during an attack .

Mr Gerald Kimani told Nairobi News that the house help, identified as Joyce Namuma Magoha from Bungoma County, fled after committing the act and left the baby crying while bleeding.

But before she stepped out, she sprinkled salt on the baby’s fresh wound.

“She hit the baby with the plate which broke into pieces and fled leaving the baby profusely bleeding,” Mr Kimani told Nairobi News.


He does not know what time the incident happened, but says the baby was left unattended until evening when the mother returned from work and found him on the floor crying.

The house help was on Tuesday arrested at her hideout in Banana, Kiambu county.

She was transferred to Thika police station where she is being held.

When asked by police why she committed the act, the house help answered that “she had personal stress.”

Ms Moreen Gitau, who had previously employed the same house help, told Nairobi News that she fired her after a day when she noticed that her baby was crying every time.

“I decided to send her away on the same day, I am shocked  to hear what she did to the other baby. I just can’t imagine what she might have done to my daughter,” she said.