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Umoja House help denies strangling baby to death

A family in Nairobi is seeking answers to the death of their eight-month old baby who was left home with a newly employed house help.

The shocking incident happened on Wednesday in Umoja 2 estate while the child’s mother had gone to work.

According to Munene Kabiro, an uncle to the deceased, the house help is in her early 20’s and had been employed a week earlier.

“She was employed last Friday by my sister to take care of baby Stefani Nzisa while my sister is at work,” Mr Munene told Nairobi News.

In Mr Munene’s account, his sister left the little girl in the care of the house help on Wednesday morning as she went to work. She later called and asked her younger sister, who lives in Kayole, to go pick the baby and bring her to work.

When the sister arrived home, the house help informed her that the baby was asleep on the sofa. But when the sister tried to lift the baby, her head hanged loosely and she was also foaming from the mouth.


Before she could call for help, the woman who referred the house help to the family came and told her that the house help had called her to inform her that their was something wrong with the baby. They rushed the baby to the nearby Emmaus hospital where they were told that the baby had already died.

The matter was reported at the nearby Chief’s office and the house help arrested and locked up at Buruburu Police Station.

On Thursday May 19, 2016, a postmortem was performed by Dr Johannes Oduor at Kenyatta University hospital mortuary.

The family says Dr Oduor told them that the baby’s body exhibited signs of strangulation. The postmortem report also showed spots on both sides of the baby’s cheeks.

But when the house help was questioned by the family, she claimed the baby had fallen from the seat and hurt her head.

The child’s parents, Bancy Wairimu and Alphonso Wambua, are now seeking answers over their baby’s tragic death as the police continue with investigations.

Also arrested was the woman who referred the house help to the family. She was arrested at the police station where she had gone to inquire on how she can secure the house help’s freedom.

Police say the two will be will be arraigned in court on Monday to face murder charges.