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House girl who claimed employer left Sh800K on her chest after ‘sexcapade’ jailed for 3 years

By Joseph Ndunda November 30th, 2019 2 min read

A 28-year-old woman who claimed that her employer left Sh800, 000 on her bosom after a steamy sex encounter was on Friday jailed for three years for theft.

Ruth Khaecha was convicted of stealing Sh1.35 million from her employer Paul Kanyi Mwangi whom she had claimed placed an envelope with Sh800,000 on her chest after she gave him exemplary service in bed.

Khaecha claimed she had decided to give Kanyi an extra ordinary service after he summoned her to his bedroom to help him arrange nine envelopes in the wardrobe but they got intimate, moments after Kanyi informed her that all the envelopes contained money and she confirmed the same.

She claimed that after the romp, Kanyi put one of the envelopes on her breasts.

But Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga dismissed her claims. Nyaga said there were discrepancies between Khaecha’s allegations and her actions.

Nyaga said the fact that Khaecha refused to pick any of her employers’ calls as she had to be tracked by police officers is an act that is inconsistency with a person who has been given money in goodwill.

Accused person took off

“The accused person took off carrying a bag when her employers were not around and lied that she had gone to repair shoes and clothes, an act which, in my opinion, is inconsistent with a person who has been given money voluntarily. The accused person was left in the house with full knowledge that there was money. She saw an opportunity to enrich herself and took it,” Nyaga said.

“The accused person’s defence [that Kanyi left the money on her bosom] was hilarious and ingenious but it does little to damage the evidence against her. Evidently, the accused person put the money into use as she purchased land and bought other items including two brand new motorcycles.”

Detectives only found Khaecha with Sh70, 000 at her father’s home in Kakamenga after she had bought a parcel of land at Sh570, 000, two motorcycles; iron sheets, a solar system and assorted household items and escaped police custody as the detectives searched her father’s house.

Nyaga said the items she had bought exceeded the Sh800, 000 she claimed to have been given by Kanyi.

The magistrate said the recovered money which was presented as exhibit will be given to Kanyi.

All the items identified by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers as proceeds of crime including the land shall be forfeited, sold and proceeds given to Kanyi as compensation.

She had been charged with conspiring with her father Solomon Bwoya to steal from Kanyi but her father was acquitted.

Nyaga said Khaecha’s jail term will count from January 26 when her incarceration started after she failed to meet bond and bail terms set by the court.