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Sonko writes to County Hall over Kidero’s conduct

A war is brewing between Nairobi county governor Dr Evans Kidero and Senator Mike Sonko.

In a letter written to County Hall, Sonko is seeking to bring the governor to account over allegations of corruption and wastage of county resources.

Sonko, while revoking his supervisory jurisdiction over the county, wants the governor to avail audits of several county charges to furnish his reports to Senate Committees over issues raised by residents.

The senator wants the audited accounts of day-to-day collection of parking fees as well as the previous charges before the introduction of the new rates.

Mr Mbuvi also seeks clarification of parking lots taking issues with the county government introduction of taxes in residential areas.

He has also set his eyes on land rates over what he purports of procedural notices and waivers which have not been opened to public scrutiny.

“The so called moratoriums notices being essentially waivers have never been subjected to public scrutiny since in essence the governor’s office is depriving its residents of rightful amounts of money owed to it,” the letter seen by the NairobiNews partly read.

Mr Mbuvi accuses the governor of wastage by hiring staff without set portfolios, who are costing the tax payer in remunerations.

“We give you room to scrutinise your subjects and get rid of such persons before we table their names and ask you to explain their role and conduct in the county affairs,” it further reads.

Nairobi County Legal Counsel Gad Awuonda in reply to the letter stated that they would not respond to the allegations.

“We are unable to respond to the questions raised as the questions lack clarity. The county government shall gladly respond to them if you did channel them through the office of the Clerk of the Senate in the normal way,” Awuonda said.