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Househelp in trouble for stealing sweatpants

A house help who stole her employer’s sweatpants, face towel and car keys after she slapped her with a Sh1500 salary cut will pay Sh8000 fine or serve a two-month jail term.

Rose Kemunto Achoka was handed the sentence by Kibera chief magistrate Joyce Gandani after she twice pleaded guilty to charges of stealing by servant after leaving with the items that came to her possession by virtue of her employment.

She admitted stealing the items worth Sh22,500 from Joyce Momanyi at her home in Kileleshwa on May 3.

The court heard that Ms. Momanyi had left her house under the care of Ms Achoka as she travelled to Mombasa early March this year. Ms. Achoka had been employed by her on a monthly salary of Sh7000.

She told the court that they differed on phone the next month after Ms. Momanyi reduced the salary by Sh1,500 and that she used the complainant’s suitcase to dupe the security guards that she was not leaving employment.

Ms. Momanyi was informed by security guards at the estate that her househelp had left with a bag. She later found the items missing from the house and reported them to police.

Ms. Achoka was traced to Mukuru kwa Reuben where police recovered the items. They were all presented to court as exhibits.

Ms Achoka told the court that she left with the items as a ransom to compel Ms. Momanyi to pay the Sh1,500, before handing them to her.