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Househelp jailed for stealing Sh400k from employer, sending it to pastor – VIDEO

A city house help who stole USD4000 from her employer and took it to a con “pastor” claimed to have been brainwashed.

Faith Ondisa pleaded guilty to charges of stealing the dollars from Mary Mwatika on March 22 in the Lavington area in Nairobi. Ondisa said she did not spend a single coin from the loot.

She was sentenced to pay the cash or serve a two years imprisonment term by resident magistrate William Tulel of Kibera law courts after she admitted the theft.

The court heard that Mwatika returned to the house at around 7pm and found the house girl missing. She enquired from security and she was informed that Ondisa had been seen leaving with a suitcase which she told the security guard that she was taking for repair.
She checked in the wardrobe where she had kept the money and found it missing. Ms Mwatika reported the matter to the police and Ms Ondisa was traced to a house in Donholm estate in Nairobi.

She confessed to police that she had taken the money and claimed that her pastor must have used charms to convince her to take the money to him.

Ondisa obeyed the trickster’s ploy and took the money to him together with her phone and was told to go away without looking back and she went only to discover that she was tricked.
In court, she begged to be allowed to pay the money in instalments but her pleas were rejected by Tullel.