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Househelp sacked after returning home drunk

There was drama in Umoja on Sunday night after a househelp who was on an off-day returned home drunk.

The girl, Phannis Cheruto, got the job barely a week ago with the help of a friend.

“The girl was not a week-old into the job but now she has turned out to be a drunk and I cannot trust her with my child who is only three weeks old, ” said her employer Anita Fuchaka.

“The girl left the house at 7 o’clock in the morning and when evening came, she was not home yet. So I called a friend of her’s because she doesn’t have a phone and she told me they were together mid-morning in Donholm and gave her fare back to Umoja while sober but by 4pm she wasn’t back yet, ” she added.

“When it clocked 7:30 evening she arrived drunk, singing her own songs and even vomited in the house, ” she said.

Neighbors had to come in to help the owner of the house to clean up.

The girl was also forcefully showered and forced to drink water to lower alcohol levels in her body.

The employer said the girl was never diligent in house chores and would often sneak to take free walks in estates.

The girl could not give her side of the story as she kept on crying.

She was shown the door Monday morning. One of her friends was called to escort her to Machakos country bus terminal for her journey home to Trans Nzoia county.