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Househelp steals employer’s phone, gives it to boyfriend

August 9th, 2021 1 min read

A house help who stole her employer’s gold chains, cash, and mobile phone has, alongside his boyfriend, pleaded guilty to the theft charges.

Rebecca Isiche Elumbe was charged alongside her boyfriend Kennedy Kimanthi before senior principal magistrate Phillip Mutua at the Kibera Law Courts.

She admitted to stealing three sets of gold chains valued at Sh300,000, Sh90,000 in cash, and a mobile phone worth Sh40,000 at her employer’s house in Royal Park Estate in Langata, Nairobi.

She later spent the night at her boyfriend’s house, gave him Sh1000 and the mobile phone she’d stolen from Abdi after the night and she left for Eldoret.

They both pleaded guilty to stealing from Maryann Abdi on August 2.

Abdi had gone to a hospital in South C when she received a phone call and was informed that Embule had left.

She returned home and found a briefcase containing the items missing from her house and made a report at Langata police station and later at Eldoret police station, a location near Embule’s rural home.

Embule was traced and arrested with a briefcase containing new clothes suspected to have been bought with the stolen money.

She led the police to Kimanthi’s who was found with the phone.

Mutua will determine their case on August 10.