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How a reveler plunged to his death at a popular Nairobi club

By EVELYNE MUSAMBI September 22nd, 2015 2 min read

An ordinary night out with friends ended tragically as a middle aged Nairobi man plunged to his death a club’s staircase.

John Wanjohi was on Saturday night partying at Maxland Club along Thika road in the company of five friends before he blacked out in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The 29 year old father of one was a regular patron at the club

Four of his friends left at around 2am that fateful Sunday, leaving the late Wanjohi in the company of Erastus.

Erastus, who spoke to Nairobi News, said he and Wanjohi slept on the club’s couches till around 8am when they were woken up by cleaners.

“We woke up simultaneously but Wanjohi left the club first as I headed to the washrooms where I realised that my phone was missing,” recalled Erastus.

Friends and family at the funeral of the late John Wanjohi in Othaya, Nyeri county.
Friends and family at the funeral of the late John Wanjohi in Othaya, Nyeri county.


He narrated how he went back to inquire about his missing phone from the cleaners.

“While I was still asking them about it, one of the cleaners came running and told me that my friend had fallen down the stairs,” said Erastus.

He then rushed out of the club and headed to the building’s ground floor where he found Wanjohi in a pool of blood.

“I rushed to Uhai Neema Hospital and obtained an ambulance which came and carried Wanjohi but he was confirmed dead on arrival,” recalled Erastus.

A CCTV footage showing how the late Wanjohi plunged to his death has been shared widely on social media.

The body was then taken to the mortuary and his friends notified his family. Funeral arrangements were quickly made. He was buried on Monday at his father’s home in Iriaini village in Othaya, Nyeri County.

Friends remembered him as a man who was friendly and jovial and loved having fun.



The late Wanjohi left behind a four year old son and 25 year old widow.

An inquiry into the safety standards of the Mountain Mall where the accident  happened have started, even as the building’s security officials got in touch with Wanjohi’s friends and family.

According to one of the late Wanjohi’s friends, the building’s staircase has low rails that can cause accident.

“There have been two other similar incidents though both victims survived. The building however has a functional lift,” said the friend who spoke to Nairobi News.

The management of Maxland club is yet to comment on the matter and has not contacted the bereaved family.