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How about home camera surveillance for child safety?

Kenyan parents are now being urged to install nanny cameras in their houses to monitor the safety of their children after a video of a defenseless toddler being abused by a house help went viral.

Although the incident happened in Kampala, Uganda, the video has been widely circulated sparking outrage among Kenyans.

Mr Harrison Muya a director at Nanny Cameras Kenya now advises that the concealed cameras cost as little as Sh6,500.

To the nannies, the cameras pass as digital wall clocks, picture frames and hooks or bulb cameras.

“It’s worthwhile. Not just for the nanny but also any intruders while you’re away or other queer behaviours. I once caught my house help walking naked, then touching privates and went ahead to cook without washing her hands,” he offered.

The captured videos are stored on a memory card that can be removed, downloaded and watched on a computer. There are also web-enabled cameras that can be monitored remotely in real time on the internet.

Mr Muya’s comments come in the wake of a graphic where a toddler was abused by her nanny in Kampala, Uganda.