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How AI can help young Kenyans land their first jobs

The African job market is a competitive jungle, rich with potential and brimming with energy.

While sectors like tech and energy are growing fast, providing exciting job opportunities, navigating the job search landscape can be frustrating and stressful for many.

How do fresh job applicants cut through the noise, showcase their unique strengths, and land their dream job?

That’s where AI-powered tools like Google AI model, Gemini, come in as the ultimate career companion, guiding graduates every step of the way, providing a seasoned career coach, research assistant, and skills advisor right at their fingertips!

Here are ways that AI tools like Gemini can be the ultimate career ally:

1. Create a standout CV

Your CV is your first impression, and Gemini makes sure it is a dazzling one.

Need help translating your customer service experience into impressive problem-solving skills? Gemini can rewrite it for you! Wondering how to powerfully highlight your leadership experience?

Ask Gemini to suggest strong action verbs that showcase your skills. Before submitting your resume, make sure it is error-free by asking, “Can you check my resume for grammatical errors and suggest ways to improve clarity?”

You can even ask Gemini to help you write a compelling cover letter based on a job description!

2. Step up your interview game with Gemini

Navigating interviews can be daunting, but with Gemini by your side, you can enter with confidence.

Arm yourself with insights into a company’s latest endeavours and their stance on employee wellbeing by asking, “What are the latest developments at [company name] and how do they prioritise employee wellbeing?”.

Unsure how to handle behavioural questions? Gemini offers practice with requests such as, “Provide examples of typical behavioural questions for a marketing role in Kenya.

For a lasting impression, come prepared with thoughtful questions such as, “Help me formulate questions about the company’s future goals.

3. Keep your skills sharp

In the ever-changing world of work, continuous learning is essential. Let Gemini guide you to the skills that are in demand.

Discover in-demand technical skills by asking, “Which three technical skills are most sought after by companies in Kenya for software developers?”

If you’re considering a career change, Gemini can point you to relevant learning materials, such as “Recommend free online courses in data analysis for those looking to move into finance”.

For visual learners, Gemini suggests: “Suggest YouTube channels that teach the basics of graphic design software.

4. Networking, made easy with Gemini

A robust professional network can open doors to countless opportunities. Gemini streamlines this journey by enhancing your online presence and directing you to relevant events.

Create a compelling LinkedIn profile with help like “Guide me in creating an engaging LinkedIn bio that highlights my project management skills and experience”.

To connect with professionals in your field, ask, “What strategies can I use to effectively network within the artificial intelligence community at tech events?”

If networking feels daunting, Gemini offers tips on how to make a memorable impression, such as, “How can I impress recruiters when reaching out on LinkedIn?”

5. Embrace remote working with Gemini

The rise of remote work is transforming the African job scene, offering unparalleled flexibility and global collaboration.

To explore remote opportunities tailored to your skills, start by “recommending reputable platforms that list remote job opportunities for African professionals”.

Curious about a company’s remote working culture? Gemini can provide insight with questions such as, “How can I assess a company’s remote working environment?”

To nail remote interviews, seek guidance with questions such as, “Help me prepare for a remote interview – what key aspects should I focus on?”