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How Ali Kiba brought out the worst in ‘thirsty’ female fans at Koroga

By COASTAL JACK November 16th, 2015 3 min read

Ali Kiba is a heavyweight musician, in the East African Circle.

He took a musical hiatus more than three years ago, and although he has performed in Mombasa during that period, he hasn’t performed in Nairobi for a very long time.

It was evidenced by the turn out and immense love that he received during Koroga Festival’s ninth edition, held at Nairobi Arboretum on November 15.

Maybe the lineup favoured him, or maybe the fact that there hasn’t been much happening in the music scene so far this month could have been a factor.

What is certain is that a crowd unlike one I’ve seen, or experienced at the festival before, came out to see the man who has come back with such a bang, it’s almost like he never left.


Even before he set foot on the stage, the crowd was expectant of a good show from the Bongo Flavor artiste. His love and educative songs all have a smooth touch, and that could have been the reason the ladies became so deranged when he had appeared.

Ali Kiba on stage at the Koroga festival. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU
Ali Kiba on stage at the Koroga festival. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

Every time he whined his waist suggestively there was ear-piercing cheers from the ladies. When he called out for single-ladies to put up their hands, a loud roar went up.

“How comes the cheers sound way more than the raised hands?” He asked.

I could see the men looking at their dates, to see what’s what.

Soon after came a chant. And I thought, “Oh hell! These ladies done lost their minds.”


“Vua shati! Vua shati! (Take off your shirt! Take off your shirt!)”, came the calls at every interlude.

Ali Kiba is quite the tease, he would raise the shirt a little for them to catch a glimpse of his abs, then a raucous would ensue, and he’d lower it.

On more than four occasions he gave them the same dose, still they fell for it.

Inevitably, the fans get what they want. Only he didn’t take off his shirt, he ripped it, and the shrills that followed could have hit jet-engine decibels. At least he went to put on another one about a minute later.

Then there were the ladies who went on stage to “Chekecha”. It simply means to twerk rapidly. Four of them, beautiful and endowed, but only one could be declared winner.

Ali Kiba on stage with winner of the 'Chekecha' contest. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU
Ali Kiba on stage with winner of the ‘Chekecha’ contest. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU


And with Kiba promising to “marry” the winner, they definitely steeped up their game and a winner emerged.

With fans picking the best shaker of them, Kiba seemed more than pleased with their selection.


The weirdest incident of the night was when a middle-aged man rushed the stage to try and get close to the musician. He didn’t get anywhere near the Tanzanian superstar; clearly he was drunk.

His argument being he wanted to “tip” the singer, four security men whisked him away.

Now to matters courtesy. To the fan in the left side of the stage who had a food tolerance issue. Firstly, you need to know what agrees with your stomach before you put it in your mouth.

Secondly, I would sympathise with you if you had enough decency to pull away from the crowds before you adorned us with putrefying gas. It’s not cool to pass gas when you’re smack in the middle of a crowd, worse still, when it’s hot and stuffy. Really? You didn’t do it once either. That’s savage.

JB Masanduku, Koroga Festival would like to thank you for advertising the comfortability in the seats provided at Sailors Lounge.

You slept through the cold, for more than three hours without even turning on your other side. You should be ashamed for passing out like you did. You’re a known figure. Set yourself straight.