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How Amira reacted to news of Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo breakup

The estranged wife of Nairobi businessman Jamal Roho Safi has sent a cryptic message to Amber Ray following her breakup with her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo.

On her Instagram stories, Amira posted mtumba man video requesting Otile Brown songs. In the video, he is heard saying take someone else’s husband then starts singing Alivyonipenda.

Amira’s marriage collapsed after Jamal started an affair with socialite Amber Ray with the duo flaunting their relationship, shading Amira and at times engaging her in online spats.

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“Take someone’s husband… The one with Otile songs, saa zingine anayekupenda humpendi.”

The song talks about loving someone who does not reciprocate the affection you shower them with but instead, they do it to someone else who also does not care.

Amber and Rapudo announced their split on Instagram with the latter promising to update his fans on what transpired within less than two months.

Their relationship picked up shortly after Amber, whose real name is Faith Makau, broke up with Jimal. They dated, broke up then dated again till this latest breakup.

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While she was dating Jimal, Amber tried to prove that she was also his wife. After Amira had had enough, she broke it off and decided to leave them in fate’s hands and went about recollecting herself and taking care of their kids as Jimal gallivanted all over the place with Amber.

As short-lived as it had been speculated, Jimal dumped Amber and ran back to Amira, publicly writing her an essay on Instagram asking her to forgive him and take him back. At this time, Amira was out of the country on vacation and said she would address the nation when she returned.

Upon her return, she rejected Jimal and his apologies. The latter then became a ‘motivational speaker’ after being served a dose of his own medicine.

Although they still throw jabs at each other, Amira is on record for saying she regrets ever meeting Jimal. Jimal would then play catch up with his baby mama Wangari Thiong’o after seeing Amber and Rapudo’s photoshoot with the latter’s kids.

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