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How Amira’s new nanny gave her character development lessons

Content creator Amira has found herself grappling with a familiar headache: the absence of a domestic worker.

In a situation echoing the frustrations of many women across the country, the mother of two took to social media to vent her desperation.

Amira shared her dismay on social media platforms, revealing how her domestic worker’s sudden disappearance had left her feeling exploited and abandoned.

“My nanny, who I took in with a month-old baby, left on Sunday with the promise to return by Thursday. However, since her departure, she has not answered my calls, opting instead to communicate with my friend Kui,” Amira lamented.

Expressing her disappointment at the lack of communication from her employee, Amira shared her frustration, recounting the lengths she went to accommodate the worker’s needs, even purchasing a new phone to ensure reliable communication while travelling.

“I am honestly disappointed, but I have learned never to become too attached to people because they always leave. Can someone please help me find another domestic worker?” she pleaded.

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Amira also revealed her plan to address the situation by seeking assistance through social media channels.

“From the DMs, I’m receiving, it seems we have all been through character-building experiences together. Nonetheless, as they say, do good and move on. So, I have decided to find a replacement from Tanzania,” she announced.

Amira also shared a video from Julius Nyerere International Airport, indicating her determination to find a new domestic worker. “Yeah, let me go find a replacement,” she remarked.

Amira isn’t the only celebrity who has voiced frustrations with house managers.

In January, Oga Obinna disclosed that he had recruited five household managers in just two months, relying on agencies and referrals for candidates.

Obinna outlined his culinary standards and the challenges encountered in securing a dependable household manager.

“I’ve gone through about 5 household managers in the past 2 months. Why? They can’t cook!!” he said.