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How Ben Cyco prayed for wife’s previous relationship to fail

Gospel singer Ben Cyco, born Ben Kariuki, says he once prayed for his wife’s relationship to fail.

The singer is now married to Wanjiru Njiru but the situation was complicated when they first met on campus.

This forced him to literally go to his knees and pray for her relationship to collapse so he could have a chance.

“She was dating when we met so the best that could happen to me was waiting in the queue,” the singer recalls.

“It was after campus that we took things a bit more seriously and I was praying for her relationship to end, very serious prayers,” he narrated in a TV interview.

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Ben Cyco with wife Wanjiru Njiru
Ben Cyco with wife Wanjiru Njiru

Cyco concedes he was also dating at the time she was seeing someone else so the two agreed to maintain trust and mutual friendship in their friendship.

“I happened to find someone else because she was also dating. At some point, there was tension between us as we were both respectful to our partners. As soon as both relationships ended, we gave each other calls.”

Ben Cyco and Wanjiru Njiru are among the most admired celebrity couples who have taken the digital space by storm as they make and share content together.

Incidentally, Njiru through their channel dubbed, The Joyride podcast has in the past revealed she also prayed for her husband’s past relationships to fail.

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Ben Cyco with wife Wanjiru Njiru
Ben Cyco with wife Wanjiru Njiru

The lifestyle vlogger disclosed how she was constantly heartbroken by her husband before he picked up his act and started treating her right.

“We met 11 years ago and there was a spark between us but he quickly shut it down. He wanted to be a free bird and we became very good friends. Our paths met along the way and we started developing a relationship. He felt the relationship he was in before had not properly ended. So he felt the need again to squash me, and that ended again quickly. So we broke up again,” she explains.

The couple experienced an on-and-off relationship before settling down.

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