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How Boni Khalwale deployed his sons to ‘guard’ his votes

Kakamega Senator-elect Boni Khalwale has revealed how deployed his sons to watch over his votes. Khalwale has also appreciated his sons for remaining vigilant day and night during the vote counting and tally exercise.

Khalwale, who was running on a UDA ticket, polled 249,003 votes to recapture the seat, beating ODM’s Brian Lishenga Makamu to second place with 195,192 votes.

“My sons, Tigana Khalwale & Boniface Makachia have for eternity remained vigilant with our digital team at the Kakamega County IEBC Tallying Center. The power of family,” Khalwale tweeted.

Popularly known as the bullfighter, Khalwale is famous for celebrating the academic achievements of his children.

Almost every year, whenever KCPE or KCSE results are announced, Khalwale congratulates his sons and daughters for their good performance, something that has had the online community wondering just how many children he has.

Khalwale consistency in posting his children’s results started in 2014 when his daughter, Linda Khalwale, was among the top candidates with 428 marks in KCPE.

In 2016, the bullfighter celebrated Engine Khalwale’s KCPE performance after he scored 400 marks. Then in 2017, he congratulated his daughter Flavia and son Steve for scoring 407 and 402 marks respectively in KCPE.

In March 2022, Khalwale congratulated his daughter Melissa Khamwenyi Khalwale who scored 402 in KCPE before  he congratulated his daughter Flavia and son Steve for scoring an A- and C+ respectively in KCSE.

Recently, Khalwale celebrated his daughters entry to form one. In a tweet, the law maker said, “Day one in Form One! A happy Melissa Khamwenyi Khalwale takes the first stride.”