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How born-again Suzanna Owiyo faced test of faith in High School

Singer Suzanna Owiyo recently shared a personal anecdote about her journey with faith and how it took an unexpected turn.

She recalled the moment when her newfound salvation came to an abrupt halt shortly after it had begun during her time in high school.

She explained how, alongside her colleagues, from the drama club she achieved a remarkable feat by winning a competition to represent their school at the national level in Nairobi.

Excited about their accomplishment, they planned to share the good news with their classmates by visiting the disco held in the dining hall upon their arrival.

However, this presented a dilemma for Owiyo as a newly saved member of the Christian Union.

While her heart was not inclined towards attending the CU session in a nearby classroom, as a born-again Christian, she couldn’t bring herself to join the disco.

The conflicting sounds of lively music coming from both directions left her feeling torn.

In the midst of her confusion, one of her colleagues advised her to go to the CU gathering since she was a born-again Christian.

Deep inside, Owiyo recognized that this classmate must have sensed where her true desires lay – the disco.

Ultimately, Owiyo chose to follow her heart’s desire and found herself in the dining hall among the vibrant atmosphere of the disco.

As she entered the hall, she was greeted with a warm welcome, and she couldn’t help but immerse herself in the joyous dancing and celebration.

On May, 18, 2023, Owiyo also had her fans in stitches as she reminisced about her time in boarding school.

The popular singer revealed it was nothing short of a miracle that she survived life in boarding school.

Reflecting on those days, Owiyo shared a hilarious throwback story that resonated with her followers.

“I remember, we used to fill and keep borehole water in small basins under our beds.

The same water was for drinking, bathing, fixing cold power drink ya kuteremsha na mkate, not forgetting hapo chini ya kitanda ndio pia tulikuwa tunaanikia chupi zetu.

Ni God haki!” Owiyo humorously penned on her social media platforms.

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