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How bus driver smoked out bhang-smoking passengers

A quick-thinking bus driver on Thursday busted and assisted the police in arresting two passengers who were smoking bhang.

The driver rushed to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters after he detected the pair smoking bhang onboard.

The action of the driver, who was travelling from Nairobi to Western Kenya, led to the arrest of two individuals identified as Kennedy Mekemi and Lenox Abuoga.

According to a statement released by DCI, the driver noticed smoke inside the bus and immediately sped to the DCI headquarters to report the matter.

“A Busia bound bus made a dramatic stop at the gates leading to DCI headquarters yesterday night, after the bus driver suspected that he was ferrying dangerous criminals out to attack innocent passengers inside the bus,” the DCI said in a report.

One of the passengers was found in possession of two rolls of bhang while his accomplice was found in possession of a half-smoked roll of bhang.

The DCI lauded the bus driver’s action, saying it should be emulated by other PSV drivers.

“DCI commends the action taken by the driver of bus registration number KBR 628B, owned by Kitale Shuttle Company. The actions were heroic and are to be emulated by other drivers in the public transport sector.”

The incident comes barely two weeks after a drugging incident inside a bus that led to the arrest of three suspects.