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How pastors almost made Senator Isaac Mwaura pay for being ‘stingy’

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has revealed details of a shocking incident when leaders of a certain church attempted to deny him a chance to speak in church after he failed to hand out his hard-earned cash.

Speaking in an interview with a local TV station, Senator Mwaura narrated how he was taken aback after the church leaders denied him a chance to address the congregation for refusing to part with an undisclosed amount of money.

He said it took the intervention of the congregants, who were outraged by the pastor’s mistreatment of the senator, for him to be allowed to address them.

“There was a time I was told to give some money in advance in a church so I can be given a platform. I was shocked and I did not give out the cash. I was actually denied to speak. The second time I also did not give and the congregation just rose up in arms against the pastor. That is how low we have sunk as a country,” Mwaura said.

The senator termed the decision by some churches to fight corruption by banning funds drives as politically-motivated gimmicks by those fighting Deputy President William Ruto, whom he said was receiving several letters everyday inviting him to church fundraisers.


“These harambees have always been there. They are not a new phenomena. It’s a politically motivated conversation. The most popular to be invited in churches where we are receiving tens of letters is William Ruto,” he said.

“Which serious politician has never attended a harambee? So let’s stop pretending that harambees have become so evil that now should not be. The church must pronounce itself objectively without looking as if it is supporting a political agenda,” he added.

The senator’s remarks come just day after bishops from Catholic Church at Marian Shrine, Subukia, banned politicians from dishing out chunks of hard cash and instead use cashless donations in what they termed as attempts to enable accountability and combat corruption.