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How city hustlers are harvesting money from the heavy rains – VIDEO

The heavy rains in Nairobi on Thursday morning was a blessing in disguise for business-minded youths in the city centre.

The well built, young men stationed themselves strategically in flood prone areas in the CBD and made quick money ferrying commuters across flooded roads.

Some carried stranded commuters on their backs to drier locations, while others used trolleys.

In one flooded road in the city centre, youths made a make shift bridge which they charged Sh10 for every user.

A video is trending on social media showing youths standing knee-deep in rain at the door of a matatu offering to ferry commuters across the flooded road.

They can be heard urging passengers to come out and be carried across the road.

“Kuja mathe, unajuwa unachelewa job, si tuko job tayari,” says one man.

One lady is seen in the video choosing the strongest man who can carry her across the road and then perching herself on his back.

Another video captured youth laying their trolleys on a flooded road to form make shift bridge which they were charging users.