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How comedian Alex Mathenge cheated death after drink was spiked by hot date

By Sinda Matiko December 20th, 2022 3 min read

Witty content creator Alex Mathenge has opened up on how he almost lost his life after a beautiful lady he met at a nightclub laced his drink, intending to steal from him.

Interestingly, Mathenge narrates the incident in Mwea, a region known for its high rice production (mchele).

Mchele is slang for drugs used by culprits, especially beautiful women, to spike victims’ drinks before robbing them of their valuables.

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Comedian Alex Mathenge
Comedian Alex Mathenge

Mathenge had just begun his career as a content creator, which was growing quite well, picking well when the incident happened.

“It was around 2018 and things were really working out for me, I had just begun content creation. On this particular day I was in Mwea and had lots of cash, around Sh100,000. I went for a few drinks and was buying friends rounds.” He narrates.

That’s how the lady he fervently described as beautiful noticed him.

“I was there enjoying my brown bottles when the waiter brought me two more which I hadn’t ordered. When I sought to know who bought me the drink, she pointed at the lady who was seated on the opposite side all by herself.”

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Comedian Alex Mathenge
Comedian Alex Mathenge

Mathenge says judging from how the lady was dressed and conducting herself, there was no reason to suspect her. Besides, this was not Nairobi, where incidents of people’s drinks being spiked are rampant.

“She was dressed well, acted all cool and drank wine. I even saw her hand out her phone and a charger to the counter man for some power boost. That to me meant she was a regular here and as such there was no cause for alarm,” Mathenge continues.

With the gesture, Mathenge was compelled to act as a gentleman and return the favor. After all, he was loaded, and was itching to spend the moolah. He bought her a whole bottle of wine.

Mathenge would later relocate to her table as she was alone to get to know her better as they enjoyed their drinks.

She informed him she worked at a bank in Mwea, and this information allayed any remaining doubt that lingered in his mind about her.

“By then, I had begun to get popular and thus I considered her gesture of buying me a drink as an appreciation from a fan. She seemed to know a few details about me and my work. Perhaps she did or she had asked around,” Mathenge noted.

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Comedian Alex Mathenge
Comedian Alex Mathenge

All this time, Mathenge was making conversation while downing the two spiked beers.

When the time to leave arrived, Mathenge offered to drop her at her house as he headed back to his hotel, which coincidentally was in the same direction.

“At first, she was hesitant but I insisted on dropping her. Now I know she was putting on an act just to make herself more believable.”

Mathenge says he does not recall what transpired after the two were inside the car.

“I lost consciousness, all I remember was waking up at 5PM in the evening the followingday inside the car with my valuables gone. My whole body was swollen, I was shivering and sweating profusely.”

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He managed to call for help and was rushed to the nearby hospital.

“The doctors told me if my vehicle windows were not slightly opened, I wouldn’t have made it out alive. The free-flowing air kind of minimized the potent effect of the ‘mchele‘. The lady had put a huge chunk of it that might have ended my life.”

Ever since Mathenge says, he learned to be very cautious whenever he is in large gatherings. Due to his ordeal, he rarely greets people he doesn’t know or accepts drinks from strangers.

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