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How Daddie Marto protects his marriage against social media temptation

Daddie Marto, a content creator and father of three, has garnered admiration for his candid confession about muting women he finds attractive on social media.

Marto, happily married to fellow creative Christine Koku Lwanga, took to Twitter to address those who noticed a lack of visibility of his posts, suggesting they might be on his “muted list.”

In his message, Marto openly admitted, “I had to explain to my wife why I muted some attractive women that I was following. It’s a tough truth to admit, but yes, I have chosen to block women on social media whom I have felt attracted to—purely out of my own volition.”

Kenyan actor Martin Githinji aka Daddie Marto with his wife Christine Kokueendera. PHOTOS | COURTESY

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He explained that his choice to mute their posts was conscious, as revealing the unfollowing could lead to complicated conversations and unnecessary complications.

Marto clarified that he made this choice to protect his own peace of mind and the sanctity of his marriage.

He further pondered the dilemma of explaining why they were muted to someone, stating, “How do you explain that you muted them because you liked them and wanted to maintain your dignity? So if we used to converse through DMs, and suddenly I went silent, it means you’ve been muted. If we still interact, just know I’m not seeing your posts that way.”

Daddie Marto’s candid revelation has sparked conversations about maintaining boundaries and ensuring personal well-being in the era of social media, garnering both praise and recognition for his commitment to his marriage and family.

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The couple, in a past interview, shared their love story. Upon hearing about Marto’s previous marriage, Christine revealed that she wasn’t particularly scared. She felt confident because Marto constantly reassured her about the situation.

Six months into their relationship, Christine discovered she was pregnant, which initially caused some concern as she didn’t know much about Marto then.

However, Marto proposed to her shortly after Valentine’s Day, making it clear that his love for her was the reason for the proposal, not just because she was pregnant.

Christine expressed that Marto’s calm and reassuring reaction to the pregnancy news comforted her.

Marto explained that he was unprepared for such a situation and wasn’t surprised. They had initially thought pregnancy might not be possible due to a medical condition Christine had, or still has.

Marto also shared that he met Christine’s mother for the first time when he went to “shtaki” himself, implying that he took the initiative to introduce himself formally. He described his mother-in-law as friendly and welcoming during that encounter.

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