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How defiant Kenyans plan to counter President Ruto’s X Spaces engagement

President William Ruto is set to host his first-ever X Space conversation with Kenyans today, starting at 2pm.

This event particularly targets the Gen Zs who recently led countrywide protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

Following the countrywide protests, President Ruto declined to sign the Bill that had been passed by Parliament.

Cabinet Secretaries are also set to join President Ruto’s X Space.

On Thursday, President Ruto announced that he would be engaging the youth on X Space on Friday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm.

“All Kenyans are welcome to contribute to this dialogue as part of our collective effort to foster national renewal and create a better Kenya for all,” stated a communication from the Cabinet Office, Executive Office of the President.

President Ruto’s daughter, Charlene, also shared a message through her X platform, encouraging young people to engage with the President constructively.

“Young people, the chance of a lifetime awaits you. I encourage you to use it wisely and engage constructively because you are the ones who will determine the continuity of such levels of discussion for your success. The first-ever President in the world to hold an online meeting with all Gen Z. Leggoo!” she wrote.

However, there are reports that some youths are planning to counter the President’s X Space conversation with a parallel discussion on the same platform.

City lawyer Paul Mwangi commented on the situation, writing: “How times have changed! The President has called a rally on X Spaces today at 2:00-5:00pm. Gen Z has called a parallel rally at the same time, at the same venue. They don’t need a permit nor do they need to notify the OCS. In fact, there is nothing the government can do about it. They can only shut down the internet. But then, the President will not have his rally either.”

Kenyan youth have been actively engaging on X Spaces, issuing demands to the President, including dismissing his entire Cabinet.

The initial nationwide protests against the Finance Bill 2024, saw thousands of young Kenyans take to the streets for last two weeks.

On Sunday, In a televised joint media interview, the Head of State expressed his readiness to engage the youth on a platform of their choice.

“I am hearing that the young people are saying we don’t want a multi-sectoral forum, maybe we should have an engagement with the President on X. I am open to having an engagement with the young people on a forum they are comfortable with. If they want me to engage with them on X, I will be there. I want us to discuss taxation, I want us to discuss unemployment, corruption, all issues,” the President said.