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How devious married couples are initiating conversation during curfew

Married couples are finding devious ways to initiate conversation with their partners, especially now that many spend more time together due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

The 8pm to 4am curfew imposed in Nairobi and four other zoned counties and many companies allowing their staff to work from home, means many Nairobians are spending more time at home.

This has proved especially tough for couples who are now forced to adapt to seeing each other more than was the norm before the pandemic which was first detected in March 2020.

But some have formulated interesting ways to initiate conversation in the house to ease the tension that comes with spending too much time together in these crazy pandemic times and in the process increase their intimacy.

Posting in a closed Facebook group, a netizen shared his own experience and what he does to break the silence between him and his wife during the extra times they spend at home.

He says to ensure his wife will have to speak to him he tightly closes all the caps of jerry cans in the house and that leaves her with no choice but to ask for his help to open them.

“But to the married couples,… How do you break the silence in your houses??… Me hukaza vifuniko zote za mitungi na panga ndo niambiwe nifungue!,… ????… What of you?” he posed.

His post elicited a mixture of responses, with most netizens also sharing their own tales and how they are managing to keep the conversation fire burning during their curfew period.

“Unaficha remote ndo uulizwe,” said one online user.

“Naweka Tv password,” wrote another online user.

“Mimi huficha vitu: socks, soap, tissue, tooth paste,” commented one online user.

“Mimi hufunga flask ya chai inguwe ngumu,” stated another online user.

“Na ficha kiatu moja,moja,” said another online user.

“Mimi hujifanya nimekasiriki sana, namwangalia tu sana,” remarked another social media user.