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How DJ Kace is giving refugees a voice

DJ Kace, a Kenyan-based Dutchman, has been traversing East Africa doing charitable works, occasioning his intermittent silence in the entertainment industry.

The “underground hip-hop and reggae head” has now revealed that he had been working with a Netherlands based non-governmental organizations to open radio stations in refugee camps across East Africa.

“Here’s a little life update for ya’ll! Some of you may have been wondering what I’ve been working on in The Netherlands over the past year and in Uganda over the past two weeks, well here you go: I’ve been working for a Dutch foundation called REF-FM, which aims to set up community radio stations in refugee camps across East Africa in an attempt to give refugees a voice and bring these communities closer together. This particular radio station has taken our team to Bidi Bidi (once the largest refugee camp in the world) in northern Uganda, near the borders of South Sudan and The Congo,” he said.

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“One REF-FM station already exists in northern Kenya, but this was the first station I helped build from the ground up. From extensive planning and programming abroad, to finally arriving on the ground to set everything up and train refugees and members of the host community on how to run a radio station/show. Its been an incredible journey!” he added.

DJ Kace said it has been unbelievably fulfilling to learn and pass on his knowledge to some amazingly gifted individuals who needed a chance.

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He expressed hope that the beneficiaries now have the ability to make a livelihood through radio and also the tools to bring the communities here closer together through music and conversation.

He described Uganda is a beautiful country with friendly people.

“The camp, though facing lots of resource and livelihood challenges, is for the most part peaceful. You can stream the station Live now via, and you can find out more about the foundation via,” said DJ Kace, who is now planning to venture into a remote island in Tanzania.

His efforts were hailed both in Kenya and in his native Netherlands. Several other DJs have also hailed his humanitarian work.

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