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How do I change my car’s automatic transmission fluid?

Dear Neto,

I own a new model Toyota 2007 Fielder. I have taken the car for service twice but my mechanic could not locate the dipstick for the automatic transmission. All we could see was a small white knob which we turned all day and failed open.

I like changing my automatic transmission fluid (ATF) after every 10,000km. How do I do this for my car?



Dear Ochola,

It is true some Toyotas do not have a dipstick for checking the ATF.The newer generation Toyotas use a certain type of transmission oil called “world standard transmission fluid”.

There are indications that Toyota has specified that this transmission oil is good for the lifetime of your transmission in normal driving.It should be changed however, if the vehicle is used for heavy duty purposes like towing.

Checking this type of transmission requires special scan tools while the oil is heated to certain temperatures.It is a complex and time consuming process that is only done by dealerships.

You might not be able to change it now but keep your car in good form and see what happens.