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How DP Ruto has perfected ‘fake news’ war against Kenyan media

Deputy President William Ruto has lately sought the comfort of Twitter to dismiss stories in the mainstream media he deems “fake”.

In what appears to be an attempt to fight the mainstream media through social sites, the DP has spared no effort to give the Kenyan media a piece of his mind from time to time.

Ruto appears to have taken some lessons from American President Donald Trump.

Lately, he has made Twitter his online home, from where he doesn’t hesitant to lunge out at his political enemies – real or perceived.

The mainstream media, in particular, have taken the biggest knocks from Ruto’s abrasive tweets.

Here are the last 10 tweets in which he has attacked the mainstream media in the last three months.

November 13

November 9

October 26

October 18

October 14

October 2

September 20

September 12


August 27